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  • 24 years old. But I don't plan on getting 1 minute older ;)
  • I'm a top! I love ramming my cock into a man's ass, and watch him wince with pain. Yes, I'm very kinky and a very, very bad girl.
  • I'll have a contest about it, so I'm not saying yet!
  • I did it originally for family reasons, but I discovered a new sex appeal in it, and my fans loved it, so I decided to stick with it for the time being. I'd like to hear opinions about it, so I'll also have a poll about it, to see what you guys think of it.
  • Hmmm, it's complicated! I am very attracted to men but from time to time I also enjoy fucking a hot girl. Now don't go getting ideas of fucking girls yourself. Don't try that at home, I'm a professional! :D
  • I certainly prefer men. I am almost straight in that aspect, but sometimes my lesbian side wins me over.
  • Not really! Two or three times a year, after drinking a good wine I do light up a cigarette, but you'll see me smoke in some of my updates because I know many of my members have the fantasy of watching a shemale smoking, and I try to indulge you all :)